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Hartner Family: Family Session

Nikko I absolutely love all of them! Thank you so very much!!
Sometimes it is hard for me to express to photographers what I want (not tooo posed, not too cheesy, not too formal, more candid) and I feel like I didn't need to explain anything to you, you captured exactly what I wanted.

I will forever treasure this photos.

Raquel Hartner

Koffsmon Family: Maternity Session

My husband and I absolutely love working with Nikko! He has quickly become our family photographer after my husband first used his services professionally for architectural shots.

We first hired Nikko privately to shoot our intimate backyard wedding party. When my husband suggested we use his services, I was a bit hesitant, fearing that someone who is used to shooting buildings and spaces might not be able to capture the romance and spirit of a wedding party. My worries were short lived and the photos came out beautifully! He captured the essence of us, the personalities of our guests & the fun, light, lively celebration we had carefully prepared. All without the effort of staging each shot! We can now go back and remember the details of the party and the special moment of becoming husband and wife at the sweet dusk of our home surrounded by family and friends.

When the time came for maternity photos, I had a clear idea of what I did not want them to be - cheesy, stagnant practiced poses. However, I was not sure what the alternative would look like. My only direction to Nikko was to make them as natural as possible, which in my opinion was not much of a direction at all. Nikko, with the help of his lovely assistant Dominique, made me feel at ease which translated into a relaxed and fun series of photos! Moreover, Nikko worked hard to utilize the architectural location which we had picked for our backdrop and framed each shot in a very stylized way. Dominique helped me to pick out the right outfits for the shots & made sure they looked right from the different angles. The results were two beautiful series of photographs; classy and stylized interior shots and relaxed outdoor beach photos. His great attention to detail, understanding color contrasts, lighting and angles as well as his ability to bring out the personality of his subjects in a fun relaxed way makes him a very talented photographer. I highly recommend his services! 

The Koffsmon Family


M.I.A Brewing Company: Interior Architectural Session

Telling a great story is a craft mastered by only a fortunate few blessed with the talent of capturing, maintaining and focusing the attention of others.

The fortunate few becomes even fewer when that story is not your own. Allowing others to live vicariously and visually through another’s experience, with no direction, requires a deep love and passion not only for your craft, but also a profound understanding of your subject.

Nikko managed to perfectly capture what has been a two year labor of love for me and my business partners. We could not be more pleased with the photography and professional experience working with Nikko.

Three architects by trade, my partners and I have spent countless hours over the past few years nit-picking every detail, studying every angle and changing our minds countless times in the pursuit of perfection.

For us, taking a step back and entrusting someone to capture the vision shared equally by the three of us is a testament to Nikko’s ability.

I would not hesitate to recommend or hire Nikko for any future needs or endeavors.

Johann Beckford | M.I.A Brewing Company

Sky + Mario: Engagement Session

Engagement pictures are a big deal to me. I see them as a monumental activity in the whole wedding planning process. An opportunity to showcase and capture the love between you and that special person in your life; the love that has culminated to that point in your relationship where you are committing to be together forever...BIG DEAL :)

Being such an important milestone for me, it was critical to find a photographer that I could trust to capture that love. The type of person who my finace and I could absolutely be comfortable around. For me, that person was the one and only Nikko Azan. Here's the 411 on this guy...simply put, he's gifted! Nikko truly has natural, raw talent. His photography is art...he has an interesting way of finding the perfect angle that captures just the right amount of sunlight while also making us look our best. I love his work. I absolutely love his photography style. I especially appreciate the fact that he uses natural light, which I think speaks to the authenticity of his work and more importantly, I think is the best way of showcasing the sincerity of our love (my fiance and I that is) without all the glitz and glamour of high definition photo-shopped work. Not to mention his determination to do whatever he has to to get the right shot. Nikko was literally laying on the ground and no kidding, he actually sat in an ants nest just to get the right shot.

My fiance and I had never done a photo shoot before so we were first timers and a little nervous to be honest. But Nikko really put us at ease. He gave us direction and had a lot of great ideas. But the best thing about it was that it wasn't overbearing. He gave us just enough direction to make the shot look good but also allowed us to be ourselves without feeling forced. He also did a great job of scoping out the venue to find the best locations before the shoot, which I think was a challenging since we did the shoot on a golf course but I was very adamant about not wanting it to look like we were at a golf course. Overall, it was a great experience. The most fun I think anyone could have doing a shoot and I absolutely LOVE our pictures and will be forever indebted to Nikko.

The Hoo Family

Shaunie + Troy: Baptism

The photos are absolutely beautiful! I love the documentary style, made me feel like I relived the day, and I know that our families that missed the day will appreciate this style too, it will no doubt make them feel like they were there! The candid shots are sooo beautiful, I love the outside shots too! I'm really quite happy :-)

I can look at these pics alll day, and I think I will, lol. I think I'll also make a book for our coffee table! I know for sure there are some I'd like to blow up, and some for black and white, we'll get back to you on that.

Thank you so so very much! I love them!

Now excuse me while I go stare at these pics some more :)

The Marshall Family

Jessica + Javier: Family Session

Our first photo shoot with Nikko happened to be on a very windy and cloudy day. We were concerned not only about the weather but also about the fact that Nikko didn't have extensive experience photographing a two year old that would just not sit still. To say the least the photo shoot went absolutely great and most importantly we all had a lot of fun doing it. Nikko was a true professional and he was very smart in getting our daughter to smile and allowing her to be herself while making her feel comfortable.

The next day upon receiving the proofs we were amazed to see the quality of the photos and we realized the remarkable talent that Nikko has. In his photos he truly managed to capture our daughter's spirit in a very artistic way. He also managed to embrace the crummy weather and turn it in his favor.

We believe the fact that Nikko was originally trained as a designer and an architect really helps him in framing his subjects in a very unique and attractive manner and ultimately capturing their true emotions. We enjoy looking at Nikko's photos because they are loaded with emotion. They come alive!

We have since used Nikko for family pictures a number of times and still in every single photo-shoot he manages to impress us with his work.

The Barrera Family

Tracey + Tommy: Family Session

Nikko was very professional, creative, and had a timely turn around which I always appreciate. He made our family's first photo shoot absolutely memorable and enjoyable and we were very satisfied with the results!

We will definitely be using his services again many times in the future.

The Mckrieth Family

Angie + Wayne: Family Session

The services offered by Nikko Azan were superb!

Nikko definitely helped put us at ease during our session especially since it was challenging for our daughters to keep still at times. His dedication to get the perfect shot was impressive and we sincerely appreciated it. His quality was remarkable, very detailed, and of high resolution.

We definitely recommend using Nikko's services and we will certainly be using Nikko for our future family photos.

The Carvalho Family